• Towelroot Lollipop Samsung Galaxy S5 and other Android Smartphones

    Lollipop is most recent Android operating system when it comes to Samsung Galaxy S5, so if you want to make it most customized the only option is to root your Galaxy S5, for that there are many apps available but Towelroot APK is best to root your S5 loaded with Lollipop. It is one of the best choices for rooting your android phone without any issues and also it is a very easy process. Here we help you rooting your S5 with simple and easy steps and verify whether rooting is done properly or not.


    Few Checklists before Towelroot Lollipop Samsung Galaxy S5:


    Two main things to remember while rooting the Lollipop Samsung Galaxy S5:

    • Make sure Kernel should be before June 3 ,2014, or else Towelroot won’t work in that phone.
    • To have maximum Admin control over your Android phone prior installation of Towelroot you should install “Permissions management”.

    Download Towelroot for Lollipop Samsung Galaxy S5:

    1. Type Towelroot website URL: on https://towelroot.com from the Android phone Browser and click on the red color inverted “y”  or Lambda symbol to start the download of Towelroot APK file. One after the other, you can also click on https://towelroot.com/tr.apk.
    2.  After successful download of APK file, the installation process will trigger automatically on your phone, Close the Towelroot app after successful completion.
    3. Reopen the Towelroot app by clicking on its icon and click on “make it ra1n”.
    4. If rooting process is successfully completed then the phone will reboot automatically.
    5. To complete rooting process download a Superuser file and install it on your Android phone .This can be done by clicking on Towelroot. Apk.

    How to Verify Lollipop Samsung Galaxy S5Is Rooted Properly or not:

    1. To check phone is rooted or not you have to install   “Root Checker” from Google play, download it and install the same and Once “Root Checker” is installed just click on it and tap on “Verify Root”.
    2. Then Root Checker will ask for “SuperSu” rights and then click on “Grant” and If it displays a message “Root Access Verified”, that means you’re your phone’s rooting process is successfully completed.


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